National Park Henri Pittier
a unique product of evolution in a unique place of the world.

H.P. was the first National Park founded in Venezuela in 1937 motivated by the ideas of the swiss scientific Henri Pittier. It was first named Rancho Grande and renamed after him  in 1953. It has an extension of 107 800 hectares and is located north of Aragua State.
According to geological investigations many of the rocks and stones in the park are between 60 to 80 millions years old and therefore many of the plants growing here have had millions of years to establish and adapt to the constant changes of evolution.
During the glacial periods many species vanished in other parts of Venezuela but due to the special climate and the vicinity of the sea and the permanent humidity survived and developed in the parks mountains. Join us on our hikes through a land of many endemic species of plants, butterflies and birds... across the Henri Pittier National Park.

Turmero to Chuao trail.
This outstanding hike crosses the whole national park from south (Turmero) to the north (Chuao) ...and ends up at the Caribbean beach.

The history of this trail dates back all the way to the spaniards conquerors times.

Day 1: Our hike starts in the afternoon. It is way to hot to be walking at midday. Starting point is at aprox. 450 meters where we will observe the semi dry deciduous woods and savannah vegetation as well as many creeks and water sources coming down from the mountains. With good weather after sunset we will see the city lights of Maracay and surroundings. We will reach the campsite "Simon Machado" well after dark and enjoy of running water , good cooking facilities and a marvelous open view of the landscape. The night will be gently cold...

Day 2: Today we are still trekking towards the crest of the mountains... but this time we have the opportunity to enjoy one of the richest biodiversities on the planet - the cloud forest. We will descend towards Rio del Medio for lunch and then continue to a small hamlet called "El Paraiso"... at this stage we will be entering the xerofite, coastal landscape. Chuao and the worlds most famous cocoa plantations are very close now... and so is the lovely tropical beach. We will stay overnight in the small hamlet of Chuao in a rustical posada.

Day 3: In the afternoon we will take a local fisher boat and ship over to Choroni (Puerto Colombia) where bongo drums and dancing awaits us. Be careful with la "guarapita", a local drink with passion fruits and rum. You might just never want to leave the place again. Our journey ends here... but there is more to see in Venezuela. 

Who should go?
Turmero to Chuao is a moderate hike accessible to anybody in reasonably fit conditions You should be able to walk in warm weather during aprox. 5 hours. Only basic sanitary conditions are provided due to the remoteness of the area. Till today Chuao can only be reached by foot or boat. 

What to bring?
Good hiking boots, a pair of light sandals, thick socks, sun hat or cap, sun block, light trousers or shorts to walk and warm clothing for fresh nights, swimming suit and towel, insect repellent, rain jacket, stab- or headlamp, camera and lots of film, personal belongings.

for 3 days / 2 nights, starts in Maracay and ends in Choroni
includes: land transport, 2 overnights in simple posadas, all meals, bilingual guide, boat ride to Choroni


Short list of what birdwatchers can expect to see in one day 







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